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Choose the right money-saving LED Lights, here's why?

We all know, that LED lights are more efficient than any other lights, as they reduce 75% to 80%
electricity and also saves you money.

There is nothing but good news about these LED lights which are going to both save you money and help you organize a help towards the environment. Guess what, you can choose between a lot of colors, from warm light to bright ones. Giving you just enough light to find your food or your house.

The benefits of LED lights are clear. MIT Technology Review sums it up for us:
“For the consumer, the main benefits of LED fixtures are clear: they’re energy efficient, can last for more than 20 years and, in many cases, give off good light. They are not that expensive as the prices have been moved down in last years and the new designs and lights were introduced.”

Consumers are always confused about whether LED lights are better and purpose serving or not. They come in different shapes, different sizes, colours and more and one is bound to get confused as to what to choose. There was never a clear understanding of why LED lights are better to have than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Here we’ve simplified the experience of buying and using LED lights, read on for a clarity on why LEDs are advisable and money saving.

1. Install LEDs at major usage points for efficiency

LED Lights are undoubtedly expensive to have them installed in your entire house but if you have a budget for a complete revamp, it would be great because it is going to pay off in future in terms of energy saving. Once installed, you’ll be saving up to 80% electricity meaning the money too. You can say that it is a one-time investment which will not disappoint you.

2. Shop for lumens instead of watts
Watts measure how much energy a bulb draws and has nothing to do with brightness. There isn’t much of a difference in the number of watts of both LED and incandescent. You can’t easily differentiate among the two in this case either. Therefore,instead of watts, use lumens as the measure for brightness. An LED bulbpackaging rates brightness in lumens and in watts as well. For instance, replace a 150-watt incandescent bulb, with an LED rated at 2600 lumens (25 to 28 LED watts) and you'll see the difference yourself.

3. Play your colour game with lights
LEDs come with a range of colours from warmer whites to whiter whites, bluish white etc. LED bulbs have been there for quite sometime now, and it has come up with lots of color options for people to choose from.

4. Get trendy with your fixtures and bulbs
LED bulbs come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose in possible options. They have from normal bulbs to spiral bulbs and also some shaped like candle flames. There are many interesting options to suit and fit in your fixtures to get that right feel of it.

5. Count while you save

With the reasons given above, and while you keep a count on your savings. It seems to be not much of a trouble to understand that it is like hitting a jackpot with the bulbs. And the Best thing is there are no toxic elements and LED’s have a longer span of life than any other bulbs. If you’re still not convinced,

Costs $1 a year to run when compared to$4.80 for the incandescent bulb Reduces your spending on electricity by 75 to 80% Burns for about 25,000 hours when compared to 1,000 hours of the incandescent bulb. Take the decision now.

Switch to LED, Save Money!
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