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ZARA LED is an US based company that specializes in LED lighting and Solar Light.Established 2014 ZARA LED has been providing solutions to thousands of customers retaining a most of it’s customer base from great customer service and purchasing experience.

Knowledge And Experience

In the Machine Vision Industry, ZARA LED is renown for the long-lasting quality of their LED application specific luminaires. LED  the Chinese company of Metaphase, is bringing years of knowledge and experience to commercial applications.


ZARA LED has a strong history spanning two years. Starting with big ideas in a relatively small corner of Houston Texas in 2014, it has risen to become one of the fastest growing LED lighting provider company in Houston Texas and operate in south west and south east of United States.

Our Clients

Our Clients range across a wide spectrum from residential to commercial including but not limited to private owners, Business Owners, apartment complexes, Street Lighting,etc. We take pride in providing the same high-quality

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LEDs are the future when it comes to sustainable energy solutions and reduced environmental impact. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs contain no mercury or lead, helping to stem the flow of hazardous contaminants into America’s waste management facilities.


Furqan Ken Khan, show history of business career from ZARA LED Established 2014 Number of employees 10-15 Total production facility surface area 5000 sq ft

Our vision and mission is an amalgamation of our corporate philosophy and our motto of providing the best service in the mobile retail industry, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency and Corporate Responsibility are the pillars of our vision and mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement.

Having about two decades of invaluable Market and Management experience with immense business acumen.have been successfully running the business of the Mobilelink Retail Mobile Company for several years. My vision for continuous growth plans kept the company dynamic and vibrant.

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Chandu Shekhar

Project Manager

blake holcomb

Sales Manager


Sales Manager

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SKILL represents a new concept of outdoor lighting fitting; due to this easy and highly user friendly method of installation, SKILL is a unique LED luminaire, assuring high lighting performance and total absence of glare. The most modern electronic
technology is contained and provides an excellent quality of light while
saving energy. SKILL is available in round, square (in two different sizes)
and rectangular versions.

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