Meet Our Team


Furqan Khan



Chandu Shekhar

Project Manager


Blake Holcomb

Sales Manager

Affan Khan

Sales Manager

What we really do?

We sell brightness to the business and people and we love to make everything shining. Meanwhile, we love our customers as without them we won’t be able to bright the world.

History of the Company

We have a strong history spanning four years. Starting with big ideas in a relatively small corner of Houston Texas in 2014, it has risen to become one of the fastest growing LED lighting provider company in Houston USA.

Our Vision

We want bright the world with happiness and shining to let people and business achieve what they imagined. With our best ever products Be Brighter, Be Safer, Last Longer.

Our Clients

Our Clients range across a wide spectrum from residential to commercial including but not limited to private owners, Business Owners, apartment complexes, Street Lighting, etc. We take pride in providing the same high-quality.